Living Glass Surfaces XII

Welcome to the Living Glass Surfaces XII, a gathering of professionals and enthusiasts interested in exploring the latest trends and advancements in the world of glass. Our conference workshop will focus on current solutions to the challenges facing the glass research and industry. We will explore new processes that can enhance glass performance and durability, as well as reduce costs and environmental impact. We will also highlight innovative ways to design glass products that meet the changing needs of consumers and businesses.

We welcome abstracts on a wide range of topics related to glass, including but not limited to:

  • Glass surfaces: coatings, treatments, and functionalization
  • Sustainability: eco-friendly manufacturing practices, recycling, and waste reduction
  • Glass problems: breakage, cracking, and distortion, and their causes and solutions
  • Innovative glass design: new products, shapes, and forms
  • Glass properties: optical, mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties


Deadline for submission: 30. April 2023

Whether you're a researcher, industry professional, or simply interested in the latest developments in glass technology please join us for a stimulating and insightful workshop that will showcase the cutting-edge of glass research and technology.

Please note that this year LGS workshop is a part of the 60th Ilmenau Scientific Colloquium (ISC) which will be held on the campus of TU Ilmenau from September 4 - 8, 2023.

We encourage everyone interested on the topic to contribute with their knowledge and expertise. Authors are requested to send the title and a half page abstract in German or English to

Prof. Edda Rädlein                                
Scientific organisation:                         
Gentiana Strugaj                                      
Ulrike Brokmann

Contact person 
Vanessa Möller
+49 3677 69-2801