Living Glass Surfaces XI

Program 14 September 2022

         Tagungsort: Leonardo da Vinci Bau
         98693 Ilmenau

12:40     Welcome by E. Rädlein

13:00     Irreversible weathering effects on float glass
              G. Strugaj, TU Ilmenau 

13:30     Secondary ion mass spectroscopy and its 
              possible applications in glass research
              S. Reiß, CiS Forschungsinstiut für Mikrosensorik, Erfurt

14:00     Mechanisms and impact of glass surfaces 
              modification during classical optics manufacturing
              C. Gerhard, HAWK Hildesheim

14:30     Coffee break

15:00     Laser polishing of glass surfaces - materials, requirements,
              possibilities and limitations 
              K. Götze, EAH Jena

15:30     Sustainable Products in Float-Glass processing
              M. Emonds, Chemetall Mönchengladbach

16:00     Ending of the sessions

18:30     Dinner at "Hotel Tanne"

Living Glass Surfaces XI - Year of Glass

(14-15 September 2022, Ilmenau Germay)

SEM images show FIB section of a bulge in corroded float glass (c/o V. Naumann) and surface of plasma etched LAS glass ceramics (c/o U. Brokmann)

In the United Nations International Year of Glass (IYoG2022), Living Glass Surfaces at TU Ilmenau will provide information on current developments and emerging trends with respect to controlled changes of glass surfaces. A special focus will be glass materials in context with micromachining processes. We would like to discuss a wide range of surface related topics regarding corrosion or defined etching, masking vs. sealing as well as micro- and nano forming.
How can we use knowledge of glass surfaces for control of surface machining processes? How to apply it for future devices?
The event will feature talks and posters from glass experts of academia and industry. A hybrid presenting option will bring together in-person and virtual attendees.

Deadline for submission: 25. July 2022

We encourage everyone interested on the topic to contribute with their knowledge and expertise. Authors are requested to send the title and a half page abstract in German or English to

Host:                                                       Contact person 
Prof. Edda Rädlein                                  Vanessa Möller
                                                                +49 3677 69-2801
Scientific organisation:                         EMail:
Gentiana Strugaj                                      Web:
Ulrike Brokmann


Program 15 September 2022

09:00     Examination of the electrical performance of a
              polishing machine for possible determination of
              quality characteristics 
              M. Benisch, TH Deggendorf, Institut of Technology

09:30     Silver in low-melting alkali zinc borate glasses
              L. Heuser, BAM Berlin

10:00     Coffee break

10:30     Ractive ion etching of silicate glasses for microsystems
              C. Weigel, TU Ilmenau

11:00     Glass joining with ultrashort pulse laser the way
              to industrial application 
              D. Nodop, IFW Jena

11:30     Information for the excursion to
              CAPILLARY Solutions, Geschwenda

11:40     Lunch

12:30     Travelling to Geschwenda

16:00     End



     Registration is open