Bachelor thesis, Master thesis, Diploma thesis

Student thesis (Ba, Ma, Diploma)

Production and analysis of open-pore copper foam with a spacer using the powder metallurgical route

In this work, a copper foam is to be produced using the placeholder technology. For this purpose, open-cell PU/PUR foam is coated with a binder and then with copper powder. The copper foam is produced by a subsequent heat treatment (sintering process) and pyrolysis. The copper foam is then analyzed using metallographic methods and the compressive strength is determined.

Student thesis (BA, MA, Diploma)

Production and analysis of porous aluminum via the powder metallurgical route with titanium dioxide and titanium boride as reinforcing material

Until now, porous aluminum has been produced by casting molten aluminum together with crystal salt, for example NaCl. The salt was then washed out.

In this work, the porous aluminum is to be produced via the powder metallurgical route. For this purpose, aluminum powder, salt (NaCl) and urea (carbamide) are to be used as placeholders. In addition, titanium dioxide powder and titanium boride powder will be used as reinforcing agents. The samples produced will then be sintered and analyzed (e.g. by pressure tests and metallographic analyses).

The work is divided into the following sub-steps:

- Literature research - Analysis of the materials used - Mixing and pressing of the powders to be used - Washing out the spacers - Sintering process to produce the porous samples - Metallographic analysis - Determination of the mechanical properties (e.g. compression tests)

Project with seminar

Project with seminar (Ba, Ma)

Research and analysis on the application of technical biology/bionics with a focus on "cellular structures"

The idea of foaming metals has been around since the 1920's. Metal foams exhibit a new or different behavior in terms of their mechanical properties than comparable mono-materials. It is not only the material that plays an important role, but also the macroscopic structure of the materials used. We must also consider the topic of bionics in constructions with metallic foams. Bionics deals with the transfer of natural phenomena to technology (see also Wikipedia on the subject of bionics). In other words, we want to solve technical problems with the help of nature.