The Mechatronics Group researches and develops novel mechatronic drives and systems. With methods of mechatronic systems engineering, the dynamics of these mechatronic systems are researched in order to open up new fields of application. Methods of model-based design enable a holistic mechatronic development of system solutions up to laboratory prototypes. In doing so, system functions are provided by function extensions and function relocations, which generate added value compared to the state of the art and research. Our magnetic measurement technology is used to characterize magnetic properties of materials, components or entire drives.


Research at the Mechatronics Group has the four main content areas: Dynamics and Vibrations, Electromagnetic Systems, Magneto- and Electrorheological Fluid Systems and Piezoelectric Systems. The applications are in medical technology, drive technology and measurement technology.

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Modelling and simulation of mechatronic systems, dynamics of mechatronic systems, drive technology, electric motors and actuators, mechatronic energy conversion systems, electromagnets, electronic function groups / power actuators, design of mechatronic systems, microcomputer technology, PC-based control, programming with C#, introduction to scientific work, project seminar mechatronics, theses

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