The research at the Mechatronics Group can be found on this page. The four main areas of research are dynamics and vibrations, electromagnetic systems, magneto- and electrorheological fluid systems and piezoelectric systems. The applications are in medical technology, drive technology and measurement technology.

Dynamics and Vibrations

  • dynamics of drives
  • MEMS dynamics
  • mechatronic optimization

The dynamics determines the behavior of oscillating systems. A required behavior is necessary to fulfill a function. That is why dynamics is so important. The field of mechatronics investigates oscillations of nonlinear systems and the influence of system boundaries on the dynamics.

Electromagnetic Systems

  • design of electromagnets
  • reluctance machine
  • magnetic metrology

Is your electromagnet not doing what it should? Dr. Ströhla can answer your technical questions. If you want to measure your electromagnet exactly, Dr. Radler can help you. However, please discuss your research assignment with Prof. Sattel first.

Piezoelectric Systems

  • transmission mechanisms for piezo drives
  • development of piezosystems
  • nanopositioning systems

Piezoelectric drives serve the niche of small stroke and large forces. Due to the capacitive characteristic, the power dissipation behaves differently from inductive loads. Research is being conducted primarily on power electronics for these capacitive loads.

Magneto- and Electrorheological Fluid Systems

  • directionally variable dampers
  • multi-DoF-dampers

The friction mechanics of a special fluid can be changed by a magnetic or electric field. This does not change the viscosity, but creates a minimum shear stress at which the fluid begins to flow.