Exam inspectation

Appointments for exam inspection are made individually. Requests are made in advance by e-mail to Ms. Melanie Stichling.

Each student will be allowed 15 minutes to view the exam. Please come to room 3120 only at the specified time and keep the necessary distance.


The Department of Microsystems Engineering offers courses for a comprehensive education in the field of microsystems engineering. There are lectures for both the bachelor's and master's degree programs, which are often directly related to practice.

Furthermore, student theses are assigned in the department, which serve the further scientific qualification. The topics of these theses are often directly integrated into the research projects of the department or can also be carried out in cooperation with industrial companies. Students are encouraged to participate in the design of the topics. Thus, there is also the possibility to gain practical experience in the clean room of the IMN during the processing of the student theses.