Quality goals of the TU Ilmenau

The TU Ilmenau pursues the following quality goals in the design of its study programs:

  • Each study program fits into the overall strategy of the university as well as into the strategy of the department.

  • The qualification goals of each study program are clearly defined and are continuously aligned with current developments.

  • Studies and teaching at the TU Ilmenau are oriented towards the students' success in their studies.

  • The organization of studies is transparent, efficient and flexible.

  • Studies and teaching at the TU Ilmenau are research-based, innovative and interdisciplinary.

  • Studies and teaching at the TU Ilmenau take into account the diversity of students and teachers.

Teaching strategy

The teaching strategy of the TU Ilmenau is based on its scientific tradition as a place of engineering education, especially in the disciplines of electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. This tradition as well as the close interdisciplinary connection to the economic and social sciences as well as the natural sciences should also determine the profile of the TU Ilmenau in the future in accordance with the mission statement. The teaching strategy is currently undergoing a necessary revision and further development, also in adaptation to the experiences from the past digital semesters.