Collaborative work with Git as a digital audit concept

Responsible for the project:Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing Albrecht Gensior

Project duration: 01.05.2022 - 30.04.2023

Contact: Sebastian Rojas, Hendrik Fehr, Albrecht Gensior, Department of Power Electronics and Controls in Electrical Power Engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology , Ilmenau University of Technology



The starting point are courses in which programming knowledge is taught and the examination performance is performed within the framework of a project group. In the examination context, the following difficulties arise in particular:

  • The performance of the individual cannot be cleanly separated from the performance of the team, which makes individual grading difficult.
  • When considering the result of the project group, the development history of the software project remains invisible, which prevents the assessment of the structuring of the software project and the interaction of the team members.

Such a scenario is given, for example, in the course Microcontroller and Signal Processor Technology 1, in the context of which the examination concept is tested.

Git as a collaboration tool

The software version management Git has found a wide distribution and is used in many software projects for collaboration. It offers among other things

  • a documentation of the project happening,
  • an assignment of source code changes to contributors and
  • support for creating work branches and merging them.

During the target event, the use of the software is introduced and it is used for all software projects.

Git as an audit tool

The examination performance is performed within the framework of a task that is worked on jointly by a team. In this way, the structuring of the work can be addressed in the oral examination discussion and it is possible to discuss individual steps in the development with its originator.