A Makerspace for the TU Ilmenau

In order to test in a competence-oriented manner, it must also be possible to use acquired specialist knowledge to solve problems and transfer it to application contexts. This can happen, for example, in a Makerspace, where further practical experience can be gained. But what is a makerspace anyway?


"Blended Makerspace"


The aim is to create learning spaces for students in which they can gain collaborative, interdisciplinary and creative practical experience and carry out their own projects from idea to evaluation. On the one hand, this means physical spaces that are suitably equipped, such as workshops(Lehrwerkatt, UNIKAT, etc.), internship rooms in the departments, and team or individual rooms in the university library.

On the other hand, a virtual area should also become part of the Makerspace, which complements the practical work in a meaningful way and gives students the opportunity to inform themselves about offers, to network with other interested parties and to specifically promote interdisciplinary communication and collaboration. The evaluation of projects, such as the presentation of results in the course of a course or the spin-off with the help of the Ilmkubator, can also take place digitally.

As in the entire examING project, both digital options and face-to-face work are to be used where they are most suitable.


All those who have ideas and would like to contribute are cordially invited to participate in the design of the Makerspace. The next workshop will take place on 28.06.2022 from 09.00 - 11.00. More information about our events can be found here.