BASICplus - Project description

Ilmenau University of Technology won the federal and state competition "Advancement through Education: Open Universities" with its project proposal "BASICplus - Realization of an open study platform for in-service and continuing education in engineering subjects". With one of the highest funding amounts awarded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the university is developing a part-time education and training program for engineering subjects until 2020.

The project consisted of two funding phases, each with a different content focus. The first funding phase took place from August 2014 to January 2018. In February 2018, the second funding phase followed until July 2020.

The aim of the BASICplus project was to develop an innovative, part-time and open study system for engineering subjects at the TU Ilmenau. In the first funding phase, the focus was on

(1) the conception and realization of the target group-specific, extra-occupational and certificate-based component of the Common Basic Engineering Studies (GIG) at the TU Ilmenau and the Basic Engineering School project and

(2) the establishment of an openly accessible continuing education platform within the framework of lifelong learning for the engineering sciences.

Both were complemented by the conception of the part-time engineering bachelor's program, the piloting of which took place in the second funding phase together with the conception of the part-time engineering master's program.

Based on the experiences and findings of the project work and the accompanying research of the 1st funding phase, the flexibilization of the teaching was worked on as a further main topic in the 2nd funding phase. In addition, the exchange of knowledge with practice partners and other universities was expanded.