Spring Engineer

Short profile Spring Engineer: Module 1: Recalculation and dimensioning of cold-formed wire springs.

Certificate with 1 ECTS
30h self-study phase
Teaching methods:
Online course with script, exercises and instructional videos.
Form of examination:
Online exam
Free of charge



Students interested in the course "Recalculation and Dimensioning of Cold-Formed Wire Springs" need previous knowledge in the fields of mathematics, physics, machine elements and technical mechanics.

For participation in the advanced training course "Spring Engineer: Module: Recalculation and Dimensioning of Cold-Formed Wire Springs", a computer and Internet access to use the online course are required.

The continuing education is being tested as part of the "BASICplus" project and is therefore offered free of charge .



The further training is composed of the following topic blocks:

  • Classification of springs

  • Selection of materials, spring wire materials, production of spring steel wire

  • General approach to dimensioning of components (strength verification, functional verification)

  • Basic equations of dimensioning of compression springs, extension springs and torsion springs according to EN 13906 parts 1, 2 and 3

  • Recalculation of compression, extension and torsion springs

  • Special features: End and transition coils on compression springs, lugs on extension springs, legs on torsion springs

  • Spring selection from a catalog

  • Buckling safety, relaxation and creep behavior, natural frequencies

  • Service life of springs, use of Goodman diagrams.

  • Quality requirements: Grade, calculation of tolerances

  • Spring dimensioning based on functional requirements

  • Spring circuits



The contents are taught in eight weekly learning units via an online course. A script, supplementary video recordings of training courses and exercises with comprehensible solutions are available for the learning units.

The processing of the contents takes place between 01 April 2020 and 31 May 2020 independently by the participants. The training concludes with the submission of the solutions to given test assignments, which can be worked on independently from home. For preparation and clarification of questions, there is the possibility of consultation with the specialist supervisor, which can take place via telephone or video telephony (e.g. "Adobe Connect").