User-centered development

Short profile user-centered development (online)

Completion:Certificate with 1 ECTS
Dates:26.05.2020 (Tue) 02.06.2020 (Tue) 09.06.2020 (Tue) 11.06.2020 (Thu) 15.00 - 17.00 hrs. each
Scope: 30 h (8 h online course and 22 h self-study phase).
Teaching methods:Webinars and e-learning
Form of examination:Online exam
Costs:Free of charge
Registration :no longer possible


Those interested in the course "User-centered development" do not need any special previous knowledge.

The seminar is aimed at employees in the development of products and services, especially in the areas of project management, product conception and documentation, and software development.

A computer and Internet access to use the online course are required for participation in the "User-centered development" continuing education course. The continuing education is being tested as part of the "BASICplus" project and is therefore offered free of charge.


User orientation is a key factor of successful companies. Participants in this continuing education course will be familiarized with the methods of user-centered development.

The following challenges are discussed in a practice-oriented manner in the course:

  • Why do I achieve a competitive edge through user orientation?
  • How can I identify the needs of users?
  • How can I document user-centric requirements?
  • How can I develop creative solutions together with customers?
  • How can I evaluate designs in a user-oriented way?
  • How do I integrate user orientation in the development process?
  • How user-oriented is my development?