X-ray technology

Brief profile of X-ray technology

Certificate with 2 ECTS
60h (30h each of presence and self-study phase).
Teaching forms:
Lectures Script and reference book Online course.
Form of examination:
Online exam
Free of charge


Students interested in the "X-ray Technology" course should have basic knowledge of mathematics, physics and materials science or materials science.

To participate in the continuing education course "X-Ray Technology", a computer and Internet access are required to use the online course. Beyond that, no special software is needed. The exercises on the computer are carried out in the computer center of the TU Ilmenau.

The continuing education is tested within the project "BASICplus" and therefore offered free of charge.


The continuing education course on X-ray technology deals with three main topics.

The first focal point deals with the fundamentals of X-ray technology. From the generation of X-ray radiation, the filtering of the radiation as well as the detectors used, it is explained how X-ray radiation is absorbed and diffracted.

In the second focus, X-ray diffraction on crystals is discussed in more detail. For this purpose, the Braggs-Brentano (BB) and grazing incidence (GID) measurement techniques are presented. In a practical part, quantitative analysis is performed using the Rietveld method.

In the third focus, various imaging techniques are presented and application examples are discussed. DIN standards for digital radiography are discussed and an introduction to computed tomography is given. In addition, there will be a practical demonstration on the Nanomex 180 device.


The course consists of classroom and self-study phases. The attendance phases will take place on Friday and Saturday in Ilmenau on the premises of the Ilmenau University of Technology. The attendance phases for the three main topics comprise 10 hours each and are spread over two days.

In the self-study phases between the attendance phases, participants have the opportunity to consolidate and deepen the contents learned. For this purpose, a lecture notes, the textbook "Modern X-ray Diffraction" and an online course are available.