You can choose from an extensive catalogue of subjects for your further training as a manager. All relevant subject areas are covered, from business management, accounting and taxes to law and marketing. The courses are of course designed in such a way that the contents do not overlap, but the interfaces between the specialist areas become clear. The individual events are presented in more detail below. In the following, the individual courses offered are listed according to subject areas. You will find the individual descriptions below.


Corporate Management

  • Strategic management
  • Change management
  • Health oriented leadership in high performance organizations
  • Competent leadership from the very beginning
  • Lateral leadership in projects
  • Leading safely in change processes
  • Transnational leadership in a different way
  • Business simulation


  • Marketingmanagement

Production Management

  • Strategic production management in the automotive supply industry

Accounting / Controlling

  • External accounting
  • Operational controlling
  • Strategic controlling

Tax theory

  • Introduction to taxation
  • Income taxes
  • Inheritance tax and business succession

Financing and Investment

  • Operational financial management
  • Financial Markets
  • Investment calculation

IT and Business Process Management

  • Business Process Management
  • IT management for non-IT managers
  • Simulation of production systems
  • Modern IT tools for the digital factory
  • Logistics-oriented business management game "LOOP

Economic Theory

  • Competition: strategies and rules


  • Introduction to the law
  • Media Law