INFO 16 - Electronic journals

1. General

Electronic journals (e-journals) are journals that are available exclusively in digital form. Articles from e-journals are accessible online in full text.

2. Electronic journal library (EZB)

The Electronic Journals Library is a database that provides fast, structured and uniform access to scientific full-text journals.

Access to full-text articles is indicated by different colored traffic light symbols:

Green:The full text of the journal is freely accessible.
Yellow:The journal is licensed to the participating library and is accessible in full text to users of that library.
Yellow/Red:   Part of the published volumes of the journal are licensed in full text at the Participant Library.
Red:The journal is not subscribed and therefore not usable in full text. However, tables of contents and often abstracts are usually available free of charge.


3. Access

All electronic journals available for TU Ilmenau can be used campus-wide by members of the university via eduroam. Off-campus access is possible:

  • free electronic journals: without restrictions for everyone
  • Paid e-journals: numerous publishers and providers allow access via Shibboleth or VPN for members of the university.

4. Search for magazines

The electronic journals in the holdings of the University Library are listed in the catalog / Ilmenau Discovery Tool (IDT). For a specific search, use the Advanced Search in the catalog. There, link your search terms with the material type "Online journals".

5. Search for journal articles

If you are looking for an article on a specific topic, the best way to search is via scientific databases. Here you will find the articles individually as hits, possibly with full text access in the database.

The following databases are available for this purpose:

  • WoS
  • Scopus
  • Business Source Premier (via EBSCOhost)
  • Communication and Mass Media Complete (via EBSCO Host)
  • IEEE Xplore / Electronic Library Online (IEL)
  • Beck Online
  • Juris

All licensed databases can be found via the Database Infosytem (DBIS). Access is free of charge and available campus-wide.

Do you need help with your research?

Our delivery service provides you with literature from the holdings of the Ilmenau UB and also literature which is not in the holdings of the Ilmenau UB.

Status: 2022/08/31