INFO 16 - Electronic journals

1. General

Most publishers offer their journals online as well as printed in full text. However, the proportion of publishers who offer their journals exclusively in online full text (e-only) is growing steadily. However, there is not always free access to online editions of commercial publishers, as there are licensing fees to be paid which differ from publisher to publisher and from journal to journal and which depend on several conditions e.g. the subscription of a printed journal or the size of the university. The University Library (UL) Ilmenau tries to offer the greatest possible number of electronic journals in the full text version in cooperation with other libraries throughout the campus or at least to provide bibliographical references so that the delivery service ((INFO 9 ) can be used.

2. Searching for a specific article of a journal

If you know exactly in which journal your required article was published, you should start your search in the Electronische Zeitschriftenbibliothek (EZB). The EZB database is maintained and updated by about 642 libraries and offers information and links to more than 60,000 scientific full text journals. In the EZB you cannot only search for a specific journal title but also for the entire offering of electronic journals for one specific subject area. The desired article you will find in the table of contents of the journal in question. A traffic-lights system shows you if the required article is freely accessible (green), is a licensed offer for the campus area (yellow) or if the UL Ilmenau has no access to the journal (red). Even with the red-marked journals, you may have access to the table of contents or can read the abstract in many cases, and there are no fees.

3. Searching for an article of a specific author or on a specific topic

When you are searching for a journal article on a specific topic or of a specific author, you have to collect the bibliographic information first, i.e. when and in which journal the article in question was published. You can use the following databases:

Web of Science (bibliographic details incl. citation data and abstracts of more than 9,000 scientific journals, particularly of the Anglo-American area),

Inspec (Information Services in Physics, Electronics and Computing),

WTI-Frankfurt - Databases of the former Fachinformationszentrum Technik (bibliographic references from journals, conference reports, research reports, books, dissertations).

You find these databases with the help of the website of the Ilmenau University Library in the database infosytem. The access is freely available throughout the campus. You find the required article with these bibliographic details in the  EZB.

4. Access to the full texts

Access to the full texts point 1, the Ilmenau University Library – by no means – can offer all journals as online access with reference to specific articles. Therefore, please check the catalogue if the Ilmenau University Library keeps the required journal in its collection. In many cases the printed journals are available. After having found the article in the individual journal or a volume, you can copy or scan it.
When the article in question is neither available as an online version nor as a printed text, you may apply to the delivery service  (INFO 9).

Status: 2020/09/07