Delivery service of the Ilmenau UB (scanning service, provisioning, interlibrary loan)

Our delivery service provides you with literature from the holdings of the Ilmenau University Library as well as literature which is not in the holdings of the Ilmenau University Library.

Full Service

You don't have time to search? Then take advantage of our full service!

You send us your literature request, we research and provide the literature for you, if possible also electronically. If the literature is not in our stock, we can also order it for you from other libraries. This service is available to all registered users of the library.

Stock from the UB

Not held by the UB

Interlibrary loan direct

Would you prefer to do your own research?

Then you have come to the right place!

Through interlibrary loan you can obtain books and copies of articles from journals from other libraries in Germany and abroad. As a rule, the desired literature can be ordered online following a search in a database.

For this service, which is subject to a charge, you must first register and pay into a credit account.

For research and ordering you then use the following database:

GVK - Common Union Catalogue



Request for renewal of books ordered via interlibrary loan

Unless renewal is excluded by the lending library, you can submit a renewal request via this web form. Please note the information on renewal options on the interlibrary loan slip.

Acquire interlibrary loan authorizations online

Please note that we can only process your request with an active user authorization of the UB Ilmenau.

Please fill out the corresponding form:

You would like to register for interlibrary loan and set up a credit account or you are already registered and would like to increase your credit account.

You are an employee of the TU Ilmenau and would like interlibrary loans to be paid via budget funds.

Further INFO

Video delivery service


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If you have any problems or further questions we will be happy to help you

Please direct your enquiries to:

+49 3677 69-4524