Our group deals with fundamental and applied questions of electrochemistry and electroplating.

TU Ilmenau/ R. Böttcher; S. Mai


Technische Universität Ilmenau
Fakultät für Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik
Fachgebiet Elektrochemie und Galvanotechnik
Postfach 10 05 65
98684 Ilmenau




The group of "Electrochemistry and Electroplating" offers a Master's program in Electrochemistry and Electroplating (M. Sc.), which is unique in Germany. Electrochemistry and Electroplating (Master of Science, M. Sc.).


All course materials and notes or current information on teaching activities of the "Electrochemistry and Electroplating" group can be found at:


Head of the Group

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Dr. h.c. Andreas Bund


Office: Arrheniusbau, Room 210
+49 3677 69-3107
Fax +49 3677 69-3104



Arrhenius Building, Room 209*
+49 (3677) 69-3102*
Fax +49 (3677) 69-3104
eFax +49 (3677) 69-93104

* mornings

Publications: Recently published

"The need for digitalisation in electroplating – How digital approaches can help to optimize the electrodeposition of chromium from trivalent electrolytes" A. Bund et al. JEPT (2021)

"Effects of module stiffness and initial compression on lithium-ion cell aging" T. Deich et al.J. Power Sources(2021). free access till August 6th 2021

"Efficient fabrication ofMoS2 nanocomposites by water-assisted exfoliation for nonvolatile memories", H. Wang et al., Green Chemistry (2021)

"Electrodeposition of cuprous oxide on a porous copper framework for an improved photoelectrochemical performance", M. Kurniawan et al., Journal of Materials Science (2021)

"Enhanced cycling performance of binder free silicon-based anode by application of electrochemically formed microporous substrate", Stefen Link et al., Electrochim Acta (2021) 138216(free access til May 23rd 2021)

"Zweidimensionale Simulation von Hull-Zellen", Udo Schmidt et al., Galvanotechnik 112 (3) (2021) 301-311

"Facile synthesis of a binder-free 3D Ni/NiO microwire network with a nanostructured fiber surface for a negative electrode in Li-ion battery", Mikhail Morozov et al., J Appl Electrochem (2021).

"Anti-corrosive siloxane coatings for improved long-term performance of supercapacitors with an aqueous electrolyte", Jarosław Wojciechowski et al., Electrochim Acta(2021)