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Master of Science
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Restrictions on admission
none | individual acceptance
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Standard period of study
4 semester
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Start of studies
April 1 or October 1
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Requirement for admission
Bachelor's degree in a similar field
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The study focus is on a comprehensive understanding of the thermodynamics and kinetics of electrochemical phase boundaries. Among other things, students acquire in-depth knowledge of the technology fields of electrochemical surface technology and electrochemical energy storage and conversion.

The degree course enables graduates to successfully work in industry or research institutions on basic and applied challenges in electrochemical research and development. The acquired knowledge enables them to independently and quickly familiarize themselves with future technologies in electrochemistry and electroplating as well as related fields such as materials science or plasma technology. They are able to set up and manage projects and have social skills that also prepare them to take on management tasks. The training profile is geared to the industrial needs of the electroplating and surface treatment industry. To this end, the TU Ilmenau works closely with the Central Association for Surface Technology (ZVO) and numerous commercial enterprises in the field of electroplating and surface technology.

Master students - also in the 1st master semester - have the chance to receive funding in the form of a ZVO scholarship.


Content of study

Specialist obligatory module (e.g. inorganic chemistry, electrochemical phase boundaries, surface and plating technology, renewable energies and storage technology, batteries and fuel cells)

38 %

Optional modules from the master program Materials Science and Engineering

13 %

Research project

8 %

Technical optional module (optional subjects from the academic master program)

12 %

Key competencies

4 %

Master thesis

25 %
Detailed subject overview: Electrochemistry and Electroplating (Master)

Fields of work

  • Metal processing
  • Automotive
  • Electronics and semiconductor industry
  • Aviation
  • Medical Technology
  • Development and optimization of processes and technologies for efficient and sustainable coating techniques
  • Electroplating and surface technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • Sustainable energy supply
  • Research into new technologies for energy storage and converter
  • Testing and improvement of corrosion protection layers and wear protection layers

Nina studies electrochemistry and electroplating

Hannes studies part-time electrochemistry and electroplating

Through Ilmenau with Janine and Marcel

Janine and Marcel take you on an exciting tour of the campus of the TU Ilmenau and through Ilmenau itself. They describe how they live and study in Ilmenau, give numerous leisure tips and insights into the study location of the TU Ilmenau and take you to hidden places in the city.

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Programme coordinator

Study organisation

Cornelia Scheibe

+49 3677 69-2610