Multimedia Projekt

Im Sommersemester finde die Weiterführung des zweisemestrigen Multimedia Projektes statt. Eine Neueinschreibung im Sommersemester ist nicht möglich. 

Weiterführende Details und Lehrmaterialien sind im begleitenden Multimedia Projekt Moodle-Kurs verfügbar:


User-Centric Engineering 2

Die Zielgruppe der Lehrveranstaltung sind Masterstudierende der Medientechnologie und Informatik , sowie Masterstudierende der Medienwirtschaft . Die Lehrveranstaltung wird ab Sommersemster 2022 als Ersatzveranstaltung für Usability Engineering 2 angeboten.

Weiterführende Details und Lehrmaterialien sind in begleitenden SoSe22 User-Centric Engineering 2 Moodle-Kurs verfügbar:

Eine Einschreibung in den Moodle-Kurs ist für alle teilnehmenden Studierenden verpflichtend.

Academic Preparation Course (APC) - Media Technology


The following Frequently Asked Questions should help you get started with the Media Technology APC course. Please, have a close look at all the questions before approaching us via email. If you have open questions regarding the course organization, please contact us via If you have further questions about official documents, e.g., for the visa process, or questions about the APC process in general, please contact For questions regarding the enrollment process, please contract .

In addition to this page and the email contact points, we offer an introduction event for all Media Technology APC students. The details will be announced in the next months.

Additional information can also be found in the APC Moodle course for the Summer Term 2022


Scientific Working

The goal of the Scientific Working is to learn best practices for scientific writing and scientific presentations. Further, the course will provide insights into the services of the local university library. 

The Scientific Working course will be an online course in the summer term 2022. All details about the course and working materials are available in the Scientific Working Moodle course 

Raspberry Pi Project

The goal of the Raspberry Pi Project is to learn how to plan, organize, and solve tasks in a small project group. Students solve predefined tasks that combine mechanics, electrical engineering, computer science, and media technology using a Raspberry Pi. There will be tutorials on GIT, Python, and Linux, to support the course participants and additional regular consultations. 

The Raspberry Pi Project will be an online course in the summer term 2022. All details about the course and working materials are available in the Raspberry Pi Moodle course