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Robert Döpel and his Model of Global Warming : An Early Warning – and its Update / Heinrich Arnold

4., revised and transl. ed.
Ilmenau : Universitätsverlag, 2013. - 114 Seiten

ISBN 978-3-86360-063-1
URN urn:nbn:de:gbv:ilm1-2013100018
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Robert Döpel's personality and his scientific achievements are briefly introduced. His climate model from 1973 is historically placed. In a simplifying way, it treats a "geophysical limit" to the global waste heat without taking into account the anthropogenic greenhouse effect. This limit will be reached during the next centuries even if photovoltaics and other sustainable energies are used exhaustively, if the growth of global energy production holds up.
The calculations that agree with recent literature data, have been updated. They are compared with prognoses for global warming through the greenhouse effect until the year 3000 from the 2007 IPCC report that ignored waste heat. But for later generations, this anthropogenic heat release can also become dangerous if the growth of energy production is not greatly reduced.

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