Children's and Youth University in November 2022

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We. 09.11.2022
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Humboldtbau and Online
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For more than 15 years, the TU Ilmenau has opened its doors to the cleverest little heads in the country every late autumn and the tradition was continued this year. But special circumstances still require special measures and therefore a return to the well-known events on site was unfortunately only possible to a limited extent.

Instead, the participants were offered a colorful online offer with exciting experiment videos, a campus tour and some age-appropriate lectures as a live stream. Photos from the six days of the event can be found in the picture gallery. 

We would like to thank all participants, professors, and our helpers for their contribution to this year's KJU!


Would you like to get to know the TU Ilmenau campus better, research exciting experiments or find out more about associations at the university? Then visit our YouTube channel!

Here you get an overview of all the exciting information from Ilmenau. Our mosquito Juhu is looking forward to seeing you and will accompany you through all the videos.


Lecture contents 2021

Grade 3 and 4

What invisible power is there in magnets? - Dr.-Ing. Tom Ströhla

Electric drives move our world everywhere - electric cars, e-bikes or robots. But you can also find electrically powered devices in the household or in the children's room. Dr. Ströhla and his colleagues from the Mechatronics Department explain the different magnetic forces there are, how these invisible forces are created and how you can use them to build very different drives.

Why is the world so colorful? - Prof. Dr. Peter Scharff

What do you think of when you think of colors? In nature and in life we ​​encounter colors at every step. They play an extremely important role in our lives; they are, so to speak, the result of the interaction of the most varied of chemical structures with light. Why are dyes actually colored? Why is the blood red and the leaves green? We want to give you an answer to all of these questions in our lecture.


Grade 5 and 6

How do you make light effects dance to the rhythm of the music? - Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ralf Sommer and Carsten Gatermann

How can you program a small computer to create different lighting effects for music? We will show you many examples of what is hidden behind tones, sounds and music, how you can change them and how you can build a small computer for them.


Fascination of Interference - Prof. Dr.-Ing. Eberhard Manske

Interference, that is, the superposition of light, is a wonderful natural phenomenon: light plus light results in darkness. The fascinating colors of a soap bubble or the shimmering colors of a beetle are based on this effect. With the lecture we give an insight into the fascinating world of interference phenomena, the nano world and precision.


Grade 7 to 9

COVID, Lockdown and Conspiracies: Does Talking Power (Un) Healthy? - Dr. Andreas Schwarz

In the lecture you will get insights into how communication works during health crises and how conspiracy myths spread.

What is a fair wage for work? - Prof. Dr. Michael Grüning Even

Even if adults don't like to talk about their own income, people earn different amounts. Why is that?

Medical technology under tension - Dr.-Ing. Eva-Maria Dölker

Biomedical technology is technology for life. Its aim is the research and development of technology-oriented methods and systems for the early detection, diagnosis, therapy and rehabilitation of diseases.


Mathematics for the Gods - Prof. Dr. Thomas Hotz

Warrior tribes from Central Asia conquer the country. In order to secure the support of their gods, they construct altars. But the altars must have precise geometric shapes.


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