Kick-off Scientific Year "Smart World" - Scientific Talk with examples from the application field of automated and connected driving

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We. 26.01.2022
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Connected and automated driving in an increasingly digital mobility poses great challenges for the research and development of new technologies, which require interdisciplinary approaches to solutions. In addition to wireless sensor and transmission methods, these also include methods of functional validation through virtual test drives.

In his scientific talk at the Scientific Forum at the TU Ilmenau, Professor Matthias Hein, Director of the Thüringer Innovationszentrums Mobilität (ThIMo) and Head of the University's  RF and Microwave Research Group, will provide an insight into the thematic background and present current research activities at ThIMo and in his research group on the basis of selected examples.

At the same time, his scientific talk marks the start of TU Ilmenau's "Scientific Year 2022 "Smart World" . For a whole year, the university will be inviting to dialogue: the general public in the form of events, colloquia, lectures and information about current projects on its website; and its own researchers in the form of its internal university dialogue format "Scientific Forum". The focus of the scientific year is on research at TU Ilmenau - numerous projects that make the new "Smart World" more comfortable, environmentally friendly and safer for us humans.

Link to the public kick-off lecture by Prof. Hein on January 26, 2022 at 5 pm:https://tu-ilmenau.webex.com/tu-ilmenau/j.php?MTID=ma8589236c3ed41bdc57fb1059bf2adaa

More on Scientific Year 2022: https://www.tu-ilmenau.de/forschung/forschung/themenjahr-2022

About the ThIMo

For more than ten years, highly specialized scientists, supported by an efficient team in technology and administration, have been developing technologies for safe and networked, environmentally friendly and resource-saving, low-emission and efficient mobility of the future at the Thuringian Innovation Center Mobility across disciplinary boundaries and in close cooperation with research institutions and industry. The state-of-the-art equipment in measurement and testing technology, together with considerable personnel and financial support from the TU Ilmenau, enables research into new technologies in five core competencies: Drive Technology, Automotive Engineering, Radio and Information Technology, Plastics Technology and Lightweight Construction, and Power Electronics and Functional Integration.