New intelligent technical solutions are increasingly finding their way into our everyday lives. As a constant companion, the smartphone represents the key to the networked world - as a digital communication platform, but also for navigation or to record our environment via sensors and algorithms, to warn of dangers and to use services such as cashless payment, driving services or tools for pandemic control.

Through numerous activities, researchers at TU Ilmenau are making a significant contribution to shaping the international state of research and development in this field: They further develop the performance of intelligent sensor technology, conduct research for the future generation of microsystems, design and implement solutions for the mobility of the future, highly energy-efficient microelectronic circuits or novel assistance systems for intelligent industrial manufacturing and drive forward the state of the art in wireless communication technologies.

Porträtfoto von Prof. Stefan Sinzinger, Vizepräsident für Forschung und Wissenschaftlichen Nachwuchs, vor verschwommenem HintergrundTU Ilmenau/ari
Prof. Stefan Sinzinger, Vizepräsident für Forschung und Wissenschaftlichen Nachwuchs

In many research projects, ideas and technical solutions are implemented that can help us to act in a more sustainable, environmentally conscious, resource- and energy-saving way in the new networked world - a Smart World.

With the "Scientific Year - Smart World" we would like to make the breadth of these joint efforts visible, provide insights into our research activities with international partners from science and industry and invite you to a dialog.

We appreciate your interest and your questions to us!

Your Stefan Sinzinger | Vice President for Research and Young Scientists at TU Ilmenau

Current research projects

TU Ilmenau

July 2022

Smart sensor technology in nature: Scientists bring digitization to the forest

"We would like to make the forest more resilient," says Prof. Gunther Notni, head of Quality Assurance and Industrial Image Processing at TU Ilmenau. Together with the UAS Erfurt, the scientist would like to use his know-how to develop Thuringia into a model region for forest conversion and sustainable forest use und uses energy-efficient, networked spectral and 3D sensors to this end.

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TU Ilmenau/ari

May 2022

Machine learning for "smart production"

At E4SM project scientists from seven departments of the TU Ilmenau are researching together with the Thuringian Center for Mechanical Engineering and the Medium-Sized Digital Center Ilmenau innovative methods of machine learning and human-robot interaction for intelligent industrial production and assembly

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May 2022

Automated minibuses in the "Living Lab

Interdisciplinary project teams at ThIMo deal with issues of networked mobility. The focus is on radio and vehicle technology as well as technology acceptance.

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Transforming the energy system

How can Thuringia achieve its goal of being supplied with 100 percent renewable energy on balance by 2040? How can small and medium-sized enterprises contribute to this and reduce emissions? ZO.RRO presents future: Under the leadership of the Technische Universität Ilmenau, the joint project ZO.RRO is researching the energy system of the future using Thuringia as an example and developing solutions for decarbonizing its energy supply. At the final conference, the ZO.RRO partners presented the results of the project's conept phase, experiences gained and further approaches for industry-based solutions.

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How artificial intelligence is changing our lives

Whether it is intelligent medical technology, automated production monitoring or digital solutions for greater sustainability of communities: In many projects at the TU Ilmenau and throughout Thuringia, scientists are working on transferring human thinking and learning to computer systems in order to make our everyday lives more effective, more comfortable and safer. Activities in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, big data and robotics are bundled in theThuringian Center for Learning Systems and Robotics (TZLR), which acts as a Thuringia-wide contact and interface, networking and supporting researchers and companies in the use of learning systems.

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XILforEV - Networked and shared X-in-the-loop environment for electric vehicle development.

SISYVOS - Smart integrated radio systems for networked mobility and logistics

More research projects
about the scientific year

Scientists about their research work

Neuromorphic electronics

Professor Martin Ziegler talks about the development of intelligent systems and materials that are inspired by biology

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TU Ilmenau/ari

October 2022

In an interview, Prof. Horst Michael Groß where assistance robots are already relieving people in everyday life and how they can become a reliable partner in care.

"It's not about making robots more and more intelligent and autonomous, but about letting them become an aid to video-based human care."

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Flora Incognita

July 2022

In the interview Professor Patrick Mäder explains how his research team contributes to the preservation of biodiversity.

"We need to stop thinking in silos and bring together the expertise of different scientific fields to study these complex relationships, understand them and develop foundations for solutions"

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March 2022

In an interview, project leaders Professor Jens Müller and Professor Hannes Töpfer explain how TU Ilmenau is using its engineering expertise to help develop quantum-based applications of tomorrow."These examples show that quantum technologies are not science fiction, but already work prototypically today"

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March 2022
Interview with Prof. Patrique Fiedler on how medically accurate devices for daily home use can tell us about our health status and the role of so-called multimodal data in that process

"We want to develop small compact sensor technology that we can network [...] to enable health monitoring in daily life"

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Christoph Lehne

December 2021 Interview with PD Dr. Valentin Ivanov on Internet-based and virtually networked X-in-the-loop test platforms for systems and components of an electric vehicle."Complex electric mobility technologies also need sophisticated validation procedures"

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Connected Test Platforms for Multi-Domain Validation of Complex Systems - Machine Learning of Turbulent Flows - Biologically Inspired Electronics:

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Participation in the 2022 theme year


For one year, we are drawing the public's attention to the numerous research projects at our university in the theme year "Networked World". You can find out how scientists at TU Ilmenau can participate and support us in communicating the theme year here here (Intranet).

Theme year 2020/2021: Energy

Scientists from different disciplines at TU Ilmenau have been working intensively in the field of energy research for years in order to answer the multitude of still unanswered questions regarding the energy transition. Within the framework of the "Scientific Year Energy", we would like to make the complexity and breadth of the joint efforts in this field of science more visible and provide insights into our research activities. We report on ongoing projects and invite you to events on the topic of energy.

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