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The department Experimental Physikcs 1 offers the following lectures and seminars:

Experimental Physics 1: Mechanics and Thermodynamics (1)

Experimental Physics 2: Thermodynamics (2), Oscillations and Waves

Experimental Physics 3: Electricity, Magnetism and Optics

Experimental Physics 4: Atoms, Nuclei and Elementary Particles

Solid State Physics 1 and 2

Physics of Surfaces and Interfaces

Scanning Probe Methods

Techniques of Surface Science

Seminar on Physics of Surfaces and Interfaces

Physics of Structures at the Nanometer Scale

Basic laboratory course

The Department of Experimental Physics 1 / Surface Physics is responsible for the organization of the basic laboratory course.  40 individual experiments are available. 

The laboratory course is compulsory for

  • Bachelor of Technical Physics
    Basic laboratory courses 1 and 2 (28 experiments)
  • Bachelor BT, EIT, FZT, II, LA, MB, MT, MTR, OST, TKS, WSW
    Laboratory course Physics (9 experiments)
  • Bachelor Optronics Laboratory course Optronics (2 experiments)
    Laboratory course Physical Optics (2 experiments)


Advanced laboratory course

In the advanced laboratory course the following experiments will be performed:

  • Master Technical Physics

Scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) of gold and graphite surfaces