Service for international students interested in doctoral studies

We offer the following services for all international students interested in a doctorate at the TU Ilmenau:

  • We are the central contact person and advisor.

  • we provide information on our website and also personally - by e-mail, telephone or video call - on various relevant topics. Among other things:

    • Possibilities of doing a doctorate at the TU Ilmenau

    • application procedures

    • practical information about life

  • we do not offer: the mediation of doctoral candidates to our professors for the conclusion of supervision agreements - you have to contact them directly yourself!

Service for incoming international researchers and doctoral candidates

We offer the following services to all newly arrived international scientists and doctoral candidates:

  • Establishing contacts and language mediation - within and outside the university:

    • we put you in touch with the right contact persons

    • we help with language mediation - in German, English and French

  • we help you with the registration process at the university and in Ilmenau

  • we support you in many matters concerning life in Ilmenau and in family matters, such as finding and arranging day-care places or schools

  • for internal university use only, we can certify copies of documents on presentation of the originals

  • we organize socio-cultural events to get to know university members, peers, the campus, the city of Ilmenau and the surrounding area

  • we organise the annual reception for new doctoral students at the TU Ilmenau

  • we financially support the Graduate Center of the TU Ilmenau with seminars and workshops for doctoral students in English from the DAAD project Stibet Doktorand*innen.

Services for university members hosting international researchers

We are available to university members as central contact persons with the following services:

  • general support and information for the inviting as well as the invited persons on all topics listed on our pages

  • Issuing of invitation letters (signed by the International Office) for the application of entry visas for your guests

  • Support of your guests with all administrative, internal university procedures and also with authorities outside the university

  • through the DAAD project Stibet Doktorand*innen we annually advertise so-called "teaching and research assistantships" for international doctoral candidates

    • Professors can submit applications for their suitable doctoral candidates after the respective announcement (which we send to them by e-mail).

    • successful candidates can then be employed as teaching or research assistants for a limited period of time as research assistants to the professors.

    • The financial means for this come from the DAAD project and are provided by the German Foreign Office.