New publication on three-dimensional light field imaging

New publication on three-dimensional light field imaging of the human retina and depth measurement of the optic disc.

Figure: Light field images of all subjects and wavelengths. Total focus images with the corresponding depth map overlays and measurement points normalized to the maximum per subject are shown. Most measurement points were found at a wavelength of 520 nm (for subjects S1 to S3, S5, and S6). Subject S4 had slightly more found measurement points at 600 nm. The internal fixation needle in the first intermediate image plane of the fundus camera (straight line within the fundus images) is imaged at S1 to S4 and S6 and depth-estimated thereon.

In the publication "3D retinal imaging and measurement using light field technology" we established for the first time a three-dimensional imaging of the ocular fundus without the use of laser technologies. Light-field fundus photography has the potential to be a new milestone in ophthalmology. Up-to-date publications show only unsatisfactory image quality, preventing the use of depth measurements. We show that good image quality and, consequently, reliable depth measurements are possible, and we investigate the current challenges of this novel technology. The measurement of the depth of the optic nerve head is in good agreement with both model measurements and established optical coherence tomography (OCT). Thus, the new technology can be a contribution to early diagnosis of e.g. glaucoma.

Stefan Schramm, Alexander Dietzel, Dietmar Link, Maren-Christina Blum, Sascha Klee:
"3D retinal imaging and measurement using light field technology," J. Biomed. Opt. 26(12), 126002 (2021).

doi: 10.1117/1.JBO.26.12.126002.

Contact:   Dr. Stefan Schramm
                 Jun.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sascha Klee