Spectroscopic wide-range ellipsometry

Contact person

Prof. Stefan Sinzinger
Optical Engineering Group

Phone: +49 3677 69-2490
e-mail: stefan.sinzinger@tu-ilmenau.de

Funding information

Funding source: Europäische Fonds für regionale Entwicklung - Kofinanziert von der EU

Project leader: Thüringer Aufbaubank

Project number:  2019 FGI 0019

Participatinggroups: Optical Engineering Group

Period of funding:  01.01.2020 - 30.06.2021

Project information

As a supplement to the metrological capabilities of the Center for Micro- and Nanotechnologies (ZMN) of the TU Ilmenau for the fast, systematic analysis of micro- and nanostructured surfaces, material and layer systems, as well as complex microsystems, the acquisition of a powerful optical analysis system for broadband spectroscopic ellipsometry is applied for. Ellipsometry is a method that is suitable for the investigation of optical properties of bulk materials on the one hand, but which can also be used to detect surface properties very sensitively. Spectral ellipsometric analysis provides information about the samples under investigation that goes far beyond the mere determination of layer thicknesses and optical dispersion relations. In addition to information on optical anisotropy, crystallinity, oscillation states (phonons), chemical composition, material gradients, electrical conductivity or band structure, surface coverings by absorbents up to monolayers and any electrical fields or charge carrier gases occurring on surfaces can be reliably detected with regard to charge carrier density and mobility. Through further development of the analytical possibilities of ellipsometry, the analysis of periodically structured surfaces is also possible with current systems. A main focus of basic research at TU Ilmenau is the investigation of structured surfaces of oxide semiconductors, group III nitrides and dielectrics for microtechnical and sensoric applications. The exact knowledge of the complete optical response is of crucial importance for the physical understanding of the investigated materials and technological processes.