Check of the insured status

Every prospective student gets in contact with a public health insurance company immediately before enroling as student in a degree program (degree studies). This is required even if health insurance already exists with a private provider.

The public health insurance company checks the current insured status of the prospective student on an individual basis and reports the result of the check to the university via the electronic reporting procedure of the public health insurance companies.

Technically, reporting is done from the health insurance company IT system using a special data format via an electronic interface directly into the university's Campus Portal. No paper or PDF documents are transmitted.

A new electronic report by the public health insurance company initiated by the student may also be required during the course of studies in the degree program (subject studies).

People interested in a study preparation do not need a report of their health insured status by a public health insurance company when enroling as collegiate in the Academic Preparation Course (pre-subject studies).



The representatives of the statutory health insurance companies are familiar with the procedure. Please contact them.

Participation in the electronic reporting procedure

The type of intended study determines whether or not participation in the electronic reporting procedure is required.


Electronic student reporting procedure

At the initiative of the prospective student or student, the health insurance company will electronically report the following to the University.