Project information

The projectGerman Engineering Faculty Moscow Energetic Institute - TUIlmenau is the longest existing and in terms of university cooperation most traditional internationalization project of the TU Ilmenau in the field of teaching with roots dating back to 1953. The project itself and its predecessor Establishment and expansion of a German-language computer science education at the MEI and the TU Ilmenau have been supported and accompanied for about 20 years by the DAAD, the state of Thuringia and industry partners. The DAAD has so far used funds from the Export Programme (study programmes offered by German universities abroad) as well as from the programme German-language study programmes MOE/ CIS. Siemens AG is one of the major industrial partners. In addition, there are important local industrial partnerships such as those with theInstitute for Microelectronic and Mechatronic Systems gGmbH,ISLE Steuerungstechnik und Leistungselektronik GmbH orSIOS Messtechnik GmbH.

The track record is also reflected in the project'spress section The DAAD publication "Länderprofile Russland" (Country Profiles Russia) of August 2009 states: "The successful cooperation between the Moscow Institute of Energy and the TU Ilmenau, which has lasted for decades, can be cited as a precedent. Starting with joint research cooperation and an initially cautious student exchange, the teaching cooperation developed into a double master's programme" (Dr. Thomas Prahl).

TheGerman Engineering Faculty is part of the internationalisation concept in the university development plan of Ilmenau University of Technology. Among other things, it was funded in 2013 as an excellence project of the TU Ilmenau International School (TUIIS), which, as a central structural unit of the university, bundles the university's international activities, especially in the area of study abroad. Thus, the project, which was originally initiated by the Department ofComputer Architecture and Embedded Systems, is subject to central university control.

At the TU Ilmenau, there is currently no other project for an inter-faculty double master's program with comparable long-term experience as well as duration and regular annual output of 10 to 12 double master's degrees.

The special curricular feature of theGerman Engineering Faculty project consists in the use of generic curricula of the TU Ilmenau, which every normal full student also completes. This makes the project effective and frees the study programmes in the project from special curricula or other components requiring approval.

Many other country-specific programs have been started at TU Ilmenau. Those with Argentina, Brazil, Peru or Malaysia partly focus on the mutual exchange of students and usually have their own curricula and procedures.

The German Engineering Faculty MEI-TU Ilmenau is still considered a model project of its kind at the TU Ilmenau.

The success of the project, which was also evaluated by the DAAD in 2005, is based on the following pillars:

  • Project integration into theTUIlmenau International School(central monitoring and control).

  • Basis: generic master curricula of the TU Ilmenau, no separate courses of study

  • Enrolment excellence' through project-specific enrolment of only best students suitable for research (long-term goal: approx. 20 students per year)

  • Overcoming the availability limitations for excellent candidates of a single university by bundling strategic partners in Moscow/ St. Petersburg/ Russia

  • Achieving a high network effectiveness through the experience of the partner MEI

  • Acquisition in the Master's area of engineering subjects

  • Compulsory completion' for students in the sense of a target agreement with the student (target double master)

  • selective PhD study offers for some of the Master graduates, which are controlled in terms of content by the industrial research partners of the TU Ilmenau

  • Financing of a 12-month partial study program at the TU Ilmenau by Thuringian companies, the state of Thuringia and the DAAD for the part of the enrolled students who come to the TU Ilmenau

The university has made considerable efforts in terms of personnel for the project. The university maintains permanent staff for the project, especially for the implementation of block lectures in Moscow, the maintenance and expansion of the cooperation with the MEI, as well as with the industrial partners.

The project in numbers

  • 160 diploma or master degrees since 1998

  • Annual Intake (enrollment from 3rd semester):

  • in Moscow approx. 50, ∑ over 3 BA academic years 150 students.

  • Enrollment in Ilmenau: approx. 7 ... 10 students per year

  • Staff assignment as lecturers and supervisors of Master students.

  • Since 1998 approx. 100 wiss. Supervisors involved at TU Ilmenau

  • permanent team of 10 wiss. Staff for block lectures

  • DAAD funding: >120 T€ per year in various programs