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The advanced electromagnetics group is located on the scientific map where physical principles of action are transferred into innovative electrical engineering applications. The profound knowledge of the theory and calculation of electromagnetic fields in concrete technical and biomedical application contexts is to be regarded as a good basis for the creation of sustainable innovations. It enables simulations and the necessary modelling of heterogeneous systems. The realization of novel solutions for problems in electromagnetic sensor technology has established itself as the main focus of research in our group. In addition, research contributions are made in the fields of


In addition to basic and advanced knowledge, our courses also impart knowledge that goes beyond this, which enables work on interdisciplinary cross-sectional topics. In the higher semesters, we integrate students into current research activities in our field within the framework of qualification theses.

We also offer students the option of arranging a study visit to the National Research University Moscow Energetic Institute (Moscow), the Saint Petersburg State Electrotechnical University or the University of Nis. We maintain close partnership relations with the above-mentioned universities in the fields of research and teaching.

Our group is a member of the Institute of Information Technology as well as the inter-faculty Institute of Micro- and Nanotechnologies IMN MacroNano®. These memberships guarantee a vertical networking with developers of technical systems as well as with technologically oriented researchers and thus a seamless integration into knowledge creation chains, from the application idea to the technical design to the technological implementation.

Since theory alone does not seem sufficient to us, the department operates four practical laboratories, so that the researched approaches can be experimentally tested directly on site after the basic conception and prototypical construction.

This idea is passed on to the students by the lecturers of our department.

Have we aroused your interest? Then we look forward to hearing from you.

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The research profile comprises mainly basic research as well as application-oriented research and transfer projects.

Electromagnetic sensor technology has established itself as a thematic focus. This is framed by research activities in the fields of application of macroscopic quantum phenomena, high voltage technology, numerical field computation for localization and reconstruction of sources of electromagnetic effects in biomedicine and technology on the basis of measured sensor signals as well as machine learning, especially signal and pattern recognition in the context of sensor applications.

Further information can be found on the Research page.

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We offer courses for bachelor, master as well as diploma students, which impart not only the basics but also in-depth knowledge about the theory and application of the electromagnetic field.

Our aim is to enable students to quickly familiarize themselves with various branches of electrical engineering and information technology through a sound basic knowledge. This in turn can be applied during the preparation of a qualification thesis or a study visit to one of our partner universities.

In addition, a broad, in-depth basic education is the best preparation for lifelong learning.

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TU Ilmenau
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We are an international team, which has been led by Prof. Dr. Hannes Töpfer since 2009.

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