Involved research groups

The following groups of the Technical University Ilmenau had jointly submitted the application and will cooperate in the project: 

Audiovisual Technology Group (AVT)
Prof. Raake, Department EI (Spreaker)

Project staff: Luljeta Sinani, Chenyao Diao


Electronic Media Technology Group (EMT)
Prof.  Brandenburg / Dr. Werner  und  Nachfolger, Department EI

Project staff: Christian Schneiderwind, Ileana-Tatiana Surdu


Virtual Worlds and Digital Games Group (VWDS)
Prof. Broll, Department WM

Project staff: Christoph Gerhardt, Christian Kunert


Research Group Media Psychology and Media Design (MPMD)
Prof. Döring, Department WM

Project staff: Melisa Conde and Veronika Mikhailova


Neuroinformatics and Cognitive Robotics Lab (NEUROB)
Prof. Groß, Department IA

Project staff: Söhnke Fischedick


In addition, the University Computing Center (UniRZ), the Competence Center Virtual Reality (KVR) and Fraunhofer IDMT will contribute to the realization.