coronaMNP II Investigation of the kinetics of formation, stability and field-controlled interaction with biological systems of a protein corona generated on magnetic nanoparticles



The reduction of the particle-cell interaction by applying a protein corona to the MNP enables the production of MNPs that circulate longer in the organism.

In this project, the formation of a protein corona around magnetic nanoparticles (MNP), the influence of various factors on this process and the influence of the corona on the interaction of the relevant particles with a biological system are to be investigated.For this purpose, core-shell hybrid particles consisting of a magnetic core and a polymer shell with variable charge and charge density are produced and then incubated in fetal calf serum (FCS) to generate a protein corona. Der Fokus der Arbeiten liegt vor allem auf der Aufklärung der Wechselwirkung zwischen den erzeugten MNP@Korona-Hybridpartikeln und verschiedenen biologischen Systemen. Dies soll untersucht werden, indem diese Partikel mit verschiedenen biologischen Systemen (z.B. Blut, Zellen, Tier) in Kontakt gebracht werden (auch unter Einfluss eines magnetischen Feldes bzw. Feldgradienten) und die anschließende Reaktion des biologischen Systems auf diesen Kontakt hin untersucht wird. Examination methods provided for this are, for example, µ-rheology, established cell toxicity tests and two- and three-dimensional microscopic examinations of cells and test animals.This work also includes investigations into how the particles must be prepared and stored for use on living animals.Another important goal of the study is to elucidate the kinetics of corona formation.Key methods for this are magnetic relaxometry, AC susceptometry and small-angle X-ray scattering for recording minimal changes in the hydrodynamic diameter that are associated with the growth of the corona.


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