quantMPI Establishment of quantitative Magnetic Particle Imaging (MPI) using application-related phantoms for pre



MRT and MPI image of a first test phantom

The aim of this research project is to develop measurement equipment that creates defined and validated experimental conditions that provide a solid quantitative basis for the imaging of magnetic nanoparticles using Magnetic Particle Imaging. This is to be achieved by developing and providing suitable reference measurement objects (phantoms). The imaging properties of the scanners are recorded using MPI measurements on the phantoms. In detail, the image resolution and the quantification of the amount and distribution of tracers are to be examined in realistic scenarios. The congruence of the image areas of anatomy and tracer distribution in the co-registration of MPI and MRT should be demonstrated. In addition to MRT, spatially resolving magnetic relaxometry is to be used as an independent quantifying reference method to validate the MPI results. In order to be able to carry out realistic tests of the MPI scanners, the phantoms must depict the essential physical properties of the intended medical applications of the MPI in a controlled manner. This essentially applies to local variations in the concentration of the tracer, mobility and binding state of the tracer, speed, temperature and viscosity of a flowing medium (blood) as well as the variation of the flow diameter. The fact that technical objects reflect the biological conditions in a controlled manner increases the informative value for subsequent measurements on the living object. The planning of preclinical examinations is placed on a solid foundation and the chances of success of these projects are significantly improved. This goes hand in hand with a reduction in the number of animal experiments required.

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