General information

Lecturer          Zubair Shaik


This lecture is in german, but can be done also in english.

Hauptseminar IHS will be offered for Master and Bachelor studies as a central overall event.


Topics and Contacts

We offer topics in the following areas:

  • Machine learning-based optimization of future mobile communication systems (Sharva Garg)
  • Applications and protocols for future mobile communication systems (Zubair Shaik)
  • Cyber-physical systems, esp. development of copter-based UAVs (Andreas Mitschele-Thiel)
  • Remote Lab and E-learning (Karsten Henke)

Please talk to the given contacts in the case of interest in one of the areas.


Important Dates / Deadlines SS2021:

  • Topic registration: 28.05.2021
  • Submission of the final paper and presentation slides:  04.08.2021
  • Final presentation: 11.08.2021