New project: KIMA-5G - AI-based management and automation for 5G OpenRAN

Subproject: Method for ML-based optimization of OpenRAN-based 5G networks.


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Ilmenau Take-Home "Laboratory Suitcase" Goes Down Under

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New Project: 5G-RACOM: 5G for Resilient and Green RAil COMmunications

Subproject: Evaluation of hybrid network protocols and multipath technologies


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New Spin-off from our Group

We are pleased to announce a new spin-off from our group. In January, the AiVader GmbH, based in Ilmenau, starts its business operations. AiVader develops solutions to automate the operation of mobile communication networks, especially based on AI methods, an area in which the founders have been researching for many years. The solutions are cloud-based and support O-RAN and 3GPP SBA. In addition, AiVader develops prototypes and test environments for 4G and 5G systems.Link

Research Areas and Infrastructure


Our research is focusing on the following areas:

  • Network management of 5G systems, esp. the coordination of SON use cases using machine learning
  • Radio resoure management, esp. for D2D communication in 5G
  • Prototyping of OpenRAN solutions based on SDRs
  • Copter-based UAVs, esp. for communication and localization purposes
  • Development of autonomous multi-UAV systems using digital twins

We operate the following labs to validate our research: