ALIAS - AdaptabLe AmbIent Living ASsistent

Teilprojekt SENSIBEL: HäuSlichE Navigation im SozIalen Kontext Betreuungsbedürftiger BEwohner im aLtersgerechten Umfeld

Teilprojekt POLITE: AdaPtiOn von Navigationsstrategien mobiler Roboter im häusLIchen Umfeld bezüglich alTErsgerechter Nutzermotivation


The ALIAS project aims at developing a mobile robot system that interacts with elderly, alone-living users providing assistance in daily life and promoting social inclusion by creating connections to other people and events in the wider world. The function of ALIAS is not to replace human-to-human contacts, but rather, to keep the user linked to the wide society.

This way ALIAS will try to reduce loneliness and improve the users' quality of life. For maintaining memory and reminding capabilities of the elderly, the robot is to individually motivate its users to periodically carry out cognitive training exercises.

Partner Ilmenau University of Technology will contribute to the ALIAS project by developing new approaches to a socially acceptable navigation behavior allowing the assistive robot to move courteously and politely in the home environment in order to reduce resentments and increase the users' acceptance to autonomous mobile robots.