• Hardware Platform:   MetraLabs Scitos X3
  • Size:
    54 cm width
    78 cm length
    140 cm height (head to bottom)
  • Drive:
    differential drive
    2 driven wheels
    4 castor wheels
  • Sensors:
    2x SICK S300 laser scanner
    2x Orbbec Astra Pro (1x on pan tilt unit, 1x for obstacle recognition rear)
    1x Astra Stereo S (obstacle recognition front)
    divided bumper ring at the bottom
    magnetic floor sensor
  • Computing:
    embedded PC Shuttle DH310v2, i5-8400 CPU, 16GB RAM
    embedded PC Shuttle DH310v2, 17-8700 CPU, 16GB RAM
    2x Nvidia Jetson Xavier
    1TB Solid State Disk
  • Power Supply:
    LiFe 60Ah battery
  • Interaction:
    13.3'' touch display
    stereo speakers
  • Actuators:
    2x Kinova Jaco 2nd Gen 6 DOF robotic arm
    FLIR PTU-D46-17-S pan tilt unit

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 DURGA (2019)
 Frontal view
    Full picture


  DURGA (2019)
  Side view
     Full picture