• Construction:  2017
  • Project:   FRAME


  • Hardware Platform:   MetraLabs SCITOS G5
  • Size:
    footprint 0,6m * 0,75m
    height 1,5m
  • Drive:
    differential drive
    2 driven wheels
    1 castor wheel
  • Sensors:
    Kinect2 RGB-D camera rotating on a Pan-Tilt-Unit on the head
    2 ASUS RGB-D cameras ( one in driving direction, one backwards )
    laser range finder SICK S30B frontal
    laser range finder SICK TIM571 back
    divided bumper ring at the bottom
    RFID reader
  • Computing:
    2x Shuttle XPC DH170:
      Intel Core i7-7700T
      16GB RAM
      500GB Solid State Disk
  • 1x removable Gigabyte 14“ Laptop:
      Intel Core i7-7700HQ
      16GB RAM
      Nvidia GTX1060
      500GB Solid State Disk
  • 3x Nvidia Jetson TX2
  • Power Supply:
    40 Ah LFMP batteries
    10h operating time
  • Other:
    13.3” touch sensitive display
    gigabit ethernet for up to 11 devices

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HERA (2017)
Front view
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HERA (2017)
Rear view
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HERA (2018)
Side view
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HERA (2017)
Side view
  Full picture


HERA (2017)
Side view
 Full picture