• Hardware Platform:   MetraLabs SCITOS A5
  • Size:
    footprint 0,6m * 0,75m
    height 1,5m
    weight 75kg
  • Drive:
    differential drive
    2 driven wheels
    1 castor wheel
  • Sensors:
    omnidirectional camera Sony RPU-C2512 on top of head
    frontal camera Imaging Source DFK21F04 in neck
    laser range finder SICK LMS200 frontal at height 0,4m
    sonar array Metralabs 24x Senscomp 600 transducer at height 0,1m
    bumper ring at bottom
  • Computing:
    processor Core2 Duo T7400 (2.17GHz)
    2 GB RAM
  • Power Supply:
    42 Ah lead-acid batteries
    10h operating time
  • Other:
    15” touch sensitive display
    Metralabs 5-DoF head

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TOOMAS 1 (2011)
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TOOMAS 2 (2011)
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TOOMAS 3 (2011)
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TOOMAS 4 (2011)
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