The proWiWi offers especially students and scientists of economics as well as practitioners of all industries a platform for mutual exchange and support. The non-profit association is financed by membership fees and donations and promotes projects that benefit research and teaching in the field of economics.


FuLM stands for "Promotion of research and teaching in the field of media". FuLM e.V. is the support association of the IfMK and the other media institutes at the TU Ilmenau.

The FuLM is made up of people who care about the promotion and support of interdisciplinary science, research and academic teaching. In addition to staff and professors, this includes students and graduates in particular, but also companies in the communications and media sector.

FuLM members and donations open up opportunities for the IfMK and its departments in practice, research and teaching that would otherwise not be possible, such as:

  • The organizational and financial support of student projects: Media projects, relevant and ambitious theses as well as student initiatives and associations.
  • Alumni work in Ilmenau and several major cities (e.g. Berlin and Munich)
  • mediation of contacts between companies/institutions in the field of media, employees and students.

Student associations

  • SWING e.V.
  • MARKET TEAM e.V. Ilmenau
  • sci - student consulting ilmenau e.V.

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