Research focus

Our research focus is information management for digital goods. Digital goods are products or services that are developed and represented in the form of binary data and can be transmitted and processed using electronic media (such as the Internet or a mobile network). Examples of digital goods include digital television programs, securities prices, application software, electronic marketplace services, telecommunications services, online banking, and Internet-based information services. Digital goods account for a large share of the value added by many companies and economies. The importance of digital goods for job creation and overall economic growth is continuously increasing. Companies that focus on the production and sale of digital goods are already among the most successful in the world. For companies that trade in these goods, the effects of the so-called network economy are gaining particular importance. Therefore, this is an important theoretical basis for the research of the Group of Information and Knowledge Management. Internet and mobile technologies will continue to play a central role in the development and application of digital goods in the future. As business information scientists, we actively participate in the design, development, evaluation, and integration of these technologies into business-relevant applications.

Current projects

Currently, our team is working on the following research projects:


Within these projects or topic complexes, seminars as well as final theses are also conducted as part of the teaching program.