Application focus on professional services

These services are heavily custom-built and rendered in close cooperation with customers by contributing distinct knowledge as well as the experience of highly qualified staff members.

Reference modelling and process management

Our process model for consulting companies helps to support smaller firms to successfully create their business processes and to execute those processes using key figures and best practises. The preparation for a QM certification as well as the design of supporting IT application systems can also be facilitated using these reference models.


Simulation enables the analysis of a practical system by means of an executable model. This allows the idenfication and implementation of the potentials for optimisation, i.e. in the emergency department of a hospital.

Theoretical and empirical analyses

The research field of professional services is still characterized by many open questions. Theoretical and empirical analyses should help to better understand the fundamentals of the field.

Methodological support and IT-supported tools

We refine methods of artificial intelligence and of soft computing to offer IT-based support in practical decision-making situations.