3D localization and reconstruction in unknown environments using augmented and reduced reality technologies

(duration: 2016 - 2019)

While the use of 3D models for the representation and selection of pieces of furniture and their variants is becoming increasingly widespread, appearance and effect in actual rooms are often difficult for users to imagine. Augmented Reality enables virtual furniture to be placed directly in real rooms. However, it is problematic that existing furniture visually overlaps with it, which can be very annoying for the user and can severely limit the quality of the display. On the other hand, in many cases it is not possible to empty the corresponding rooms in advance, so that this problem could be avoided.

In ARCHITECT, therefore, technologies are to be researched that make it possible to capture the current room content as a 3D model using cameras in mobile devices without any previous knowledge and to use this information to self-localize the camera. Based on the 3D model, individual real objects of the room are to be removed interactively in real time by means of Diminished Reality technologies and subsequently replaced by virtual 3D objects. This ultimately allows content, in particular pieces of furniture, to be exchanged in an existing room and viewed from different angles in real time.


Project duration: 3 years
Project start: 2016
Funding body: Thüringer Aufbaubank


intelligentgraphics GmbH Schwamnitzstr. 1

98693 Ilmenau