Virtual street Virtual reality in 4F: driver, vehicle, roadway and radio

(duration: 2015 - 2018)

The ProExcellence Center VISTA4F addresses current social issues of the megatrends mobility, energy, security and environment and researches these in an interdisciplinary way using vehicle, information and media technology as well as communication sciences. The focus is on measurement, testing and evaluation methods of virtual reality, taking into account existing methods and facilities and their extension with regard to user-centred issues.

The development and evaluation of new user interfaces requires a special technical environment that favours their efficient generation. Our research team is developing a virtual driving cell for this purpose. This uses Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to explore new prototyping methods, 3D user interfaces and stereoscopic HMIs in the vehicle.


Project duration: 4 years
Project start: 2015
Funding body: State Programme ProExcellence