ViMoPro II

User- and task-oriented virtual model for product development with regard to further life phases, actors and environments.

ViMoPro II is the continuation project of ViMoPro I extended by two years.

The goal of ViMoPro is the development of a novel VR model for product development. This should provide the product developer with flexible and efficient information about the product and its behavior in interaction with different actors and environments in all phases of life in virtual reality (VR). So far, the focus has been on the development and use of the product. For a flexible use, the VR model was decomposed into the submodels product, actor and environment. The Characteristics-Properties Modelling approach was chosen to structure the contents of these sub-models. For the implementation the Systems Modeling Language (SysML) was used as description language. The continuation proposal aims to deepen the core areas of VR users, actors and the extended behavior description of all submodels using SysML. The use of mobile devices is to be taken into account.