Notes on teaching in the current semester

The courses are normally designed with presentation, blackboard and explanatory lecture.

This semester it will come down to a combination of on-line teaching and seminars to consolidate the acquired knowledge. To what extent these seminars can take place in presence or via video, we will experience in the course of the semester.

We will start in presence (for time and place see opentimetable of the TU Ilmenau) taking into account the Corona regulations valid at the time.

You will find the accompanying digital materials in the Moodle of the TU Ilmenau.

You will receive the keys to enroll in the courses in the introductory session.


Until then, stay healthy!

ImageTU Ilmenau / [FG Kleinmaschinen]

Main focus

Electrical machines:

  • Principle of operation,
  • Calculation and simulation,
  • Design forms,
  • Magnetic field
  • Practical courses in the electrical engineering laboratory building

Overview of offered modules

The courses build on each other. The module "Fundamentals of Electrical Machines" teaches the operating principles and a model conception based on the power balance.

This basic understanding is expanded in the subsequent module "Designs of electrical machines" by specialized, application-oriented variants.

The module "Design of electrical motors" enables the prediction and recalculation of electrical machines.

Theses / Specialized Modules

The department supervises bachelor and master theses in the field of electrical machines.

If you are interested, please contact the department. The topics vary and are largely motivated by the research activities of the department.

Possible topics range from theoretical work in modelling, calculation, optimisation to more practically dominated tasks such as the design, commissioning and implementation of complex drive systems with power electronics, fully automated control and diagnostics.

The special modules of the EPCE (Electrical Power and Control Engineering) course can be individually underpinned with topics in electrical drives if the "Electrical Machines" specialisation is chosen.