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A highly motivated and qualified team finds a rich field of activity in the field of electrical machines and thermal energy conversion at the interfaces between electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and information processing.

The practical fields of activity include:

  • Practical experimental work, modelling, simulation, Calculation

  • Theoretical analytical work with optimization and evaluation


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TU Ilmenau / [FG Kleinmaschinen]


TU Ilmenau / [FG Kleinmaschinen]

Our research is oriented towards the problems of small and medium power electrical machines and their special features:

  • Concepts of electromechanical energy conversion / design methodology.

  • Calculation and simulation for the optimization of motors (commutator motors, permanent magnet synchronous machines with sinusoidal and block commutation (PMAC,PMDC), motors for specialized applications)

  • Experimental penetration of electromechanical energy conversion (diagnosis, fault detection)

  • Interfaces to measurement technology and computer science

  • Devices with electromotive drive: household appliances, electric hand tools or automotive auxiliary drives (e.g. windscreen wipers, ABS, window regulators and fans)


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The offered modules lead from the basics of electrical machines over special designs to the design and optimization of electrical machines.


This lays the foundation for independent work on challenging tasks in term papers and theses.

ImageTU Ilmenau / [FG Kleinmaschinen]


Scientific results are presented and discussed at conferences and congresses.

In addition, degree and qualification theses show some topics of the last years.


Further information

TU Ilmenau / [FG Kleinmaschinen]
  • Löhdefink, P.: Analytical Description of the Operating Behavior of Controlled Cascade Machines, TU Ilmenau 2020
  • Morisco, D.: Calculation of current displacement in multiconductor arrangements in the vicinity of moving ferromagnetic bodies by combining finite element method and partial conductor method, TU Ilmenau, 2020
  • Liebetrau, F.: Operating strategies of permanent magnet excited synchronous machines over 1kW input power at the single-phase AC grid, TU-Ilmenau, 2019
  • Pfannenstiel, A.: Reduction of synchronous harmonic torques in squirrel-cage induction machines by modulation of the rotor conductance, TU Ilmenau, 2018
  • Benzel, T.: Active reduction of gear noise in electric drive units, TU Ilmenau, 2016