Topics for Bachelor's and Master's theses

If you are interested, please contact:

Junior Prof. R. Geitner, 03677/69-3041

  1. "(In situ) characterization of C-H activations on alkanes by flow NMR"
  2. "NMR spectroscopic investigation of a photochemical borylation"
  3. "Practical aspects of microfluidics and stop-flow methods in the NMR spectrometer" (with Dr. Alexander Groß)
  4. "Advanced prediction of 31P NMR signals using machine learning"
  5. "Prediction of 103Rh NMR signals using machine learning"
  6. "Structure-property relationships in triazole dyes" (with Dr. Eric Täuscher)
  7. "Synthesis and characterization of photoswitches for the recycling of fiber composites"
  8. "Investigation of the synthesis of oxymethylene ethers in high-field flow NMR"

Mentoring for the Biotechnical Chemistry degree program

The Institute of Chemistry and Bioengineering offers a mentoring program to support students of Biotechnical Chemistry and related Master's courses in their studies.

In case of problems or constructive suggestions to improve the education of our students, students can contact the mentor of the Institute of Chemistry and Biotechnology, Prof. Dr. Uwe Ritter.

Phone: 03677 69 3603

Curie Building, Room 208