Main Research Interests

Graph Theory (click here for detailed information on this subject), in particular Graph Coloring Problems (click here for the book by T. Jensen & B. Toft)

Other Fields of Interest

Combinatorics, Cryptology and Linear Algebra

Downloadable Manuscripts
  1. T. Böhme, M. Stiebitz & M. Voigt: On uniquely 4-colorable planar graphs
  2. T. Böhme, B. Mohar & M.Stiebitz: Dirac's map-color theorem for choosability
  3. S. Kostochka & M. Stiebitz: A new lower bound on the number of edges in colour-critical graphs(pdf-file)
  4. S. Kostochka & M. Stiebitz: Excess in colour-critical graphs