Group for Combinatorics and Graph Theory

Prof. Stiebitz is professor of combinatorics/graph theory. His research area is structural and algorithmic graph theory, focusing on coloring problems for graphs. He lectures regularly to undergraduates in mathematics, engineering, and computer science. He mainly reads subjects such as combinatorics, game theory, and information and coding theory.


Main Research Interests

Graph Theory (click here for detailed information on this subject), in particular Graph Coloring Problems (click here for the book by T. Jensen & B. Toft)

Other Fields of Interest

Combinatorics, Cryptology and Linear Algebra

Downloadable Manuscripts
  1. T. Böhme, M. Stiebitz & M. Voigt: On uniquely 4-colorable planar graphs
  2. T. Böhme, B. Mohar & M.Stiebitz: Dirac's map-color theorem for choosability
  3. S. Kostochka & M. Stiebitz: A new lower bound on the number of edges in colour-critical graphs(pdf-file)
  4. S. Kostochka & M. Stiebitz: Excess in colour-critical graphs